National Day on Writing at the Duke Writing Studio!

Join the Writing Studio on Monday, October 22nd to celebrate the National Day on Writing! Find us on West campus at 112 Perkins or on East campus at the Marketplace. We’ll have activities and prizes, so if you have a sweet tooth, stop by!

The National Day on Writing is an annual event, affiliated to the National Council of Teachers of English. It serves as a reminder that we are all writers. No matter what you’re studying or what you plan to do with your life, writing will play some role. Perhaps you write in a journal every day, or you’ve become a master of the 140-character Tweet, or you e-mail your high school friends every couple of days. Or maybe, you write weekly lab reports, or are working on midterm and final papers, or have been writing short stories in your spare time. Either way, you are presented with several occasions to write on a daily basis. The National Day on Writing presents us with an opportunity to both acknowledge and celebrate this together.

This year, in honor of the National Day on Writing, the Writing Studio is asking you to share your stories with us. On Monday, October 22nd, we’ll be asking students how something they have written has made a difference in their life, or in someone else’s life. The tutors at the Writing Studio are all eager to hear your stories, and perhaps share some of our own with you as well. Come find us on East or West campus!


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