Spring and Stress

Spring is in the air, and with spring comes relentless deadlines, lengthy final papers, midnight hours filled with coffee and library work. It’s a feeling with which we are all familiar and a feeling that the warm spring air almost always conjures. The final few weeks of spring semester is a veritable rite of passage; there is hardly any way of avoiding the pressure, so why not make it work?

As you may have learned through the Writing Studio, writing is a social process. Without our peers, colleagues, and teachers, how would any of us learn to write? We learn how to draft, plan, write without interruption, proofread, polish, and format. Most importantly, we learn how to synthesize ideas from our peers and professors, ideas that we not only hope to form into that successful classroom paper but also to serve our own understanding and style. Every spring, when the air gets warm and leaves begin to burst out on their branches, I practice talking more about my writing. I envision where I would like to be by the end of the semester and try to take the steps necessary to get there. Discussing projects and exchanging ideas in this stressful yet early stage of the semester’s end helps our senses of organization and planning.

Paradoxically, talking about writing (as opposed to spending all of our time writing) helps foster ideas more than we might realize. Talk with your friends, professors, family. Not only will you be able to form your ideas quicker, but you will be establishing a network of writing support that helps immensely through these difficult weeks. We more than likely cannot avoid the academic stress associated with beautiful springtime, but we CAN make such stress work to our advantage.


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