Digital Writing

It is inevitable today that much of one’s writing is performed using a digital tool, such as the one in which this entry is posted. This digital tool probably changes the way you write, if you still remember the days when you used to hand-write everything. Spelling and grammar checkers are becoming so ubiquitous that we have become more dependent on them as the first line of defense against obvious errors/typos (or as a way of revisiting a sentence that your text-editor deems as problematic). We do many forms of writing that we probably never thought of associating with the digital world, such as texting or posting messages (with a video or photograph attached) on our multimodal cellphones or social network platforms.  There is also an increasing amount of publications informing teachers at all levels (from grade school to universities) on the necessity of developing new pedagogies of writing to teach the current generation of students how to navigate the ‘writerly’ world of online blogs, wikis and other online publishing tools.

As we at the Writing Studio are developing resources that will enable the writers who seek us out to find different ways of dealing with the requirements of their writing, we have been looking extensively at work done by others in this field, as well as looking at how professors are dealing with the question of producing evocative writing using digital tools. We would like to share with you some of the most massive resources ever compiled on the internet, one of which is a wiki site developed in conjunction with a book that was published on the subject. It is, after all, becoming increasingly common for many newly published books to have an online presence, as many of those of you in college would know through keys provided through the purchases of textbooks to access their online counterparts. However, many authors working in the areas of media, writing and digital artifacts are going a step further by incorporating other elements including video-books.

If you ever thought about the possibility of building an e-portfolio that may be useful in your future career or in exploring the many medium that can extend and expand your writerly capabilities, please check out this site. Many digital writing sites spend much of their energies focusing on helping teachers transition. This is one of the rare sites that focuses instead on the writer, the person who will be producing the work.

The main page of the wiki is here . However, you may specifically want to visit this section that is dedicated to the actual of the different forms of digital writing here and and how to create your own podcasts and even use cellphones for class here.


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