Sick and tired of reading writing advice?

As I’m sitting here thinking about what to post on the blog, a thought occurred to me:  Sometimes I get sick of reading writing advice.  Don’t get me wrong; I have a love of learning as strong as anyone who has practically chosen to be a “student” for life.  (Earning a Ph.D. takes a LONG time, but I won’t digress.)  In thinking about what to write, I have uncovered advice for writing an article in less than twenty minutes, for looking to Hemingway for writing tips, for writing a great Twitter headline,  and for getting daily—yes, daily—writing tips.  As wonderful as these articles might be, sometimes I just want to write and not think about making the writing perfect.

And that’s what I’m doing right now.  For once, I don’t need to have every t crossed and i dotted.  Or more appropriately, every capitalization typed properly?  Sometimes it’s refreshing to know that every sentence needn’t be triple-checked for clarity or conciseness.  For now, I’m done exploring more writing tips, and am going to get back to that pesky dissertation.


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