iPad Writing Apps Highlight

Got an iPad? Wanna use it for writing? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to look at two iPad apps that can help you with your writing process.

While Apple offers their own word processing app, Pages, on the iPad, informationArchitects out of Japan offers a nice alternative. InformationArchitects has designed Writer with a minimalist approach, offering a focus mode that takes all buttons and options off the screen and allows the writer to focus solely on writing. Writer also offers other nice features, like Dropbox syncing, virtual keyboard extensions, reading time measurements, and bluetooth support for external keyboards.

Many have been waiting for an iPad note-taking app that is worthy of the iPad’s innovative interface, and NotesPlus delivers. NotesPlus does a great job of combining a lot of unique note-taking features into one package. At the core of the app is a blank canvas that you can fill with typed text, hand-written notes, and hand-drawn shapes. For hand-written notes and hand-drawn shapes, you can use your finger if you’d like, as the built-in text-smoothing engine and shape auto-detect feature make this feasible. You can also use a capacitive stylus designed for the iPad for even more accurate handwriting (see styluses from Boxwave, Pogo, and Dagi). The features don’t stop there. NotesPlus will also offer a future feature that borrows from the innovative Livescribe Pulse Pen by recording audio and syncing it with individual drawings and words written down. This means that you will eventually be able to open up your notes, click on a word, and hear synced audio that was recorded at the same time. This will be a fantastic feature for brainstorming.


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